Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blocking thoughts

Jason Ryan mentioned that lately he's been animating the lipsynch before anything more then the golden's, because he's noticed that when the face isn't animated yet he tends to add more to the body to make up for it, then when it's all in it's too much. I have come to a similar discovery, that even though I feel like the eyes show the character thinking and feeling the most, I have been short changing my eyes by animating them late into the process, so not leaving enough time for them. The more you pull back the stronger the performance can be, getting the face and eyes in there sooner might help to keep it subtle. Might make it easier to milk the golden's longer because the golden's can be a frame for the thoughts occuring in the eyes.

So here is a reminder for myself: Next shot, block golden's, maybe 1st pass of keyframes, but get eyes and facial expression golden's in asap. We'll see how that works.

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