Saturday, August 15, 2009

Simon Tofield master of Observation

Dude named Simon Tofield made these brilliant shorts. This is where I aspire to get my observation skills. Hey You reading this blog, help me out here; how do you think he does it? How do you think he takes all he's observed of his cats and encapsulates it into his cartoon? When my cat meow's all night at me to feed her, I get annoyed because I feel like she's being irritating on purpose. Maybe Simon takes note of those feelings he has as the owner and runs with them. It also seems like he keeps running with how the cats trying to achieve it's goal, exaggerating it to where it's funny because it's impossible, but totally plausible that a cat would if it could. I have two cats and I loved these shorts because they felt so true to me, but if I had tried to make a short about my cats I couldn't have done this well. If I could form it into a question what makes these shorts so great then I'd be better able to figure it out: How does Simon _________ so well? (distill cat behavior?, translate observations into entertainment?, identify characteristic behaviour from specific behaviour?, ???got any ideas?)

This one is interesting because it is not as successful as the others, I think. I think Simon does not own a dog, so the observations are not as true. There are some parts that fit, but the whole picture isn't as clear. Maybe he's got years and years of close cat watching built up, but not as much on dogs?

you folks have any ideas?


Henk said...

Hey Alonso, bounced from the 11 second club overhere. I think you`re right. Years of observation but also and being able to put all that observation into his work.

Just observering doesn`t does not amount to anything. If one would regularly write down ideas and observe with a purpose, it`d be a whole lot more plausible.

Alonso said...

he's done such a great job of condensing all of his observation, I wonder if it takes a lot of drafts to put it all together so tightly

jriggity said...

So inspireing!