Friday, August 7, 2009

Ma - Catch your Breath

Michelle has a nice post about pauses during story telling to let you absorb what's happened. With clip of Ebert talking about it also.


frank said...

Hey Alonso thanks for linking up. I agree it's a good post. Do you know of any other discussions about it?

Alonso said...

Hey Frank, I've been looking and I can't actually find any other conversations on it. For that matter I don't remember where I came across the term in the first place. I think I most often hear it explained as "the space between the notes" in music.
In a way, it takes more guts as a film maker. If you are constantly cutting and jumping your audience will get drug along just because human instinct is to watch a change (to make sure it's not a tiger coming out of the grass) but to slow down and have breathing space you have to be confident in your storytelling. The difference between a teacher who yells to get the classes attention, and one who just continues talking quietly and the class can't help but pay attention.
Definitely a topic worth more exploration and discussion.