Sunday, September 13, 2009

1 way to make 'em like your characters

Been listening to Ninja Mountain Podcast for a while now. It had me thinking about character. While the podcast is decent, and they do talk about stuff that would be useful for illustrator's, a lot of it is also pretty common sense. I realized the real reason I listen to it is because they are having so much fun. I like the people on the blog because they are having fun together (check out this opening). Which is something mentioned in the director's commentary of the Usual Suspects. He said that the actor's were really messing around, the scene wasn't written funny like that, and they were surprised when he cut that version into the final show. But he said he did it because it was a way to get the audience in and sympathetic with the characters we would follow, who are criminals so not your first bet for sympathy. An instructor of mine said that those annoying "Wazzzz-Up" commercials were so successful because it was a group ritual that they all had a lot of fun doing, and we as the camera voyeurs felt included and part of the ritual, and since they all had so much fun doing it we were having fun to.

*careful STRONG language ;)

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