Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indie Thoughts - Lango - Simplicity - 2D

Lango's got a neat new look in CG, bringing back the lineboil from 2D to give himself less time needed to animate.

But raises the question to me, if you're going to spend that much time figuring stuff out, why not just spend it learning to animate in 2D, then you get the other advantages of 2D, like Eamonn 0'Neil's My Day (which Lango pointed out to me) Brings emotional strength to the piece in ways unique to animation.

my day from eamonn o neill on Vimeo.

Read somewhere recently that average viewing on the net is 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Was thinking about this new media distribution thing and how these little shots are perfect for the net, simple and short, simple characters basically 1 idea personified

Honkbarn by Todd Ramsay


jriggity said...


and I guess the reason not to do it in 2d is because it takes alot longer.

I prefer the Magic of real to imitation....but they all have there charms.


Alonso said...

I don't know, in his post he was citing Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues, and that ruff style I would think would be faster then doing all the rigging and texture rangling. But his quick test was using more subtle angle changes, which would take some 2D skills, which I think he hasn't developed yet.

If you haven't followed him, Keith's got a lot of interesting ideas about making short films, thinking a lot about the fact that as 1 guy he just can't compete with film quality just through sheer man hours required, even for a reduced time short, and his exploring other options.

like you say, every approach has it's own charms