Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miyazaki's Porco Rosso - seed comic

I'm thinking of doing a graphic novel (okay really a feature length clock punk stop motion film, which is probably impossible, so I'm thinking to start as a graphic novel, which also pretty unlikely because I have way more interests then time :P but hey, I've realized that just imagining and playing with ideas is valuable in itself, and it's not a loss if a project doesn't actually go anywhere.) Anyway, I'm wandering through Kazu Kibuishi's blog (editor of Flight, and creator of the Copper comic's which I think have a lot of heart) because I remembered him talking about working on his graphic novel Amulet and revising it a lot, multiple drafts, which is more of a fiction thing then a comics thing, because it means a lot of drawing work(he talked about it Dec '06)(and speaking of rough drafts, Craig Thompson of the masterful Blankets has a lot of examples on his blog.) I see in an interview he says: "The inspiration for the project[Flight] was the comic strip Hayao Miyazaki drew for Model Graphix magazine, called Porco Rosso. In several short comic strips about five pages in length, he told a story that became the basis for the film of the same name. After seeing that one of his best films began life as a comic strip totaling 16 pages, I wanted to find a venue to draw a comic strip in a similar manner to develop into larger projects."

Now, I knew Miyazaki sometimes drew/draws for Model Graphix Magazine (and I would love to see some of those comics) I hadn't realized that Porco Rosso started in this manner. So because the internet is AWESOME!!! I pretty quickly tracked down the comic (in french) on Ghiblicon (which is a pretty decent Miyazaki fan blog, with links to fan subs of unattainable in the states Miyazaki stuff). Here's page one, go to Ghiblicon's Post to get the rest (wish it was higher quality, but what ya gonna do?)

* yes yes I think I have already firmly established myself as a Miyazaki fan boy long ago on this blog

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