Friday, October 16, 2009

Destination - Uta Hagen

That Spline Dr.s post linked over to Uta Hagen also. I hadn't heard of her, but I need to head to the library to check her out. And maybe spin through some more of those youtube clips.

Anyway, Direction. She was critiquing a student who had stood a lot during her piece. Hagen says that you are always going somewhere. You won't stand if you can sit. Her example was that she was heading to bed but she stopped to confront the husband, and she could be confronting him for 10 minutes standing there, but because she was heading to bed her body is relaxed, because she knows she is going to continue to bed once she's said her piece (or go sit down if the situation changes) but the point is she has a destination. We're always inbetween going from one place to another. So the student felt akward because she didn't have a destination, she was standing just to stand, and her body was trying to find a way to rest so she felt akward and looked it.

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Carlos Fins said...

Great stuff as usual. I love that note as well, about always having a destination in mind. I also love her 3 steps to get into a moment. I think it's in the next video of this series.. What did I just do, What am I doing now, and what do I want? That goes back to the Ed Hooks stuff as well.