Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Logline Generator

Ha, ran across this little program that auto generates log lines. Might be a fun creative writing starter.

Sophisticated noodlemakers try to one up each other.

Eight skinny CIA agents give insights about dating. (can't you see Tarantino doing this one?)

A dishonest baby-sitter and an outgoing gas station attendant give conflicting reports to the police.

A philanthropic jingle writer, a psychic-powered butler, and a socialite practice an act for a talent show on an alien planet.

A restaurant owner and a couple of allergic gamblers plot to kill an international spy.

A blundering mafia kingpin, a nerdy male stripper, and an ambidextrous criminal stop a burglary.

A zombie folk singer, an African criminal investigator, and a love-sick tax collector meet and become friends

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