Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miyazaki with 3D BG

Just got Starting Point 1979-1996 by Hayao Miyazaki which is basically just a collection of his thoughts and essays from that time period. Excited to read it and get into his head. A quick flip through looks like he unsurprisingly talks about his early work, like his stuff for Toei, so thought I'd finally get around to watching Future Boy Conan (I think the title has put me off this long.)

So I head over to the Ghibli Blog which I think is one of the best Ghibli blogs I've come across, because they have links to torrents of fun subs for stuff not released here in the states.

Ran across this cool post byDaniel Thomas MacInnes (it's his site): "Here is a collection of several television ads for House Foods. If my understanding of kanji holds, I believe Yoshiyuki Momose directed these, with Hayao Miyazaki as his direct supervisor. Which would probably mean he was hanging over Momose's shoulder the entire time, struggling to resist the urge to barge in and take over everything."

MacInnes says it's all CG BG with handdrawn characters. As Lango has spoken of multiple times, the CG stuff feels CG, just because of how it moves, doesn't quite gel with the 2D. But man it's beautiful.

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