Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amanda Louise Spayd

Wandering through the blog of Amanda Louise Spayd (and another blog she's involved with). She's got an interesting vintage creep going on. Found her because of this trailer (she's the puppet maker/concept artist (maybe))

The Maker - Trailer from Zealous Creative on Vimeo.

anyway, she says this at one point and I wanted to remember it...

Being terribly busy is just this huge cover-up to me sometimes; even if I'm not making quality, at least I'm making an incredible quantity, or leading people to believe that I am, because being really busy is the sign of an "active" and "driven" and "motivated" person.

I make art, and I make products, and the whole reason I make them is because I want people to stop for a moment and enjoy something. I want them to have something that looks and smells beautiful in their shower or perfume cabinet, something that takes them away, and makes them happy and relaxed, and makes them escape a little bit, and take time to exercise senses that they don't always take time to stretch. I make art that I hope will take people beyond their ordinary experience, and make them think and wonder, and be interested in little details, and imagine a history for objects they've never encountered before.

I make things because I want people to stop and think and breathe and experience.

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