Monday, May 2, 2011

Opening Night

Nathan Flynn & Joshua Flynn are working on a stopmotion film for their 3rd year at University of Glamorgan in Cardiff and it is lookin sweetly professional! Definitely worth wandering through their production blogs to see how they are doing it, things like replacement faces, armature making, mold making, it's a virtual walk through of how to do it yourself! Or check their joint site Sculpt Double.

this is the duo behind Stumped, so looks to be a good short (hope it has more of a resolution to the story though)

STUMPED by Nathan & Joshua Flynn from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo.

and I am beautiful

I AM BEAUTIFUL by Joshua & Nathan flynn (version 2) from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo.

* found @ animateclay


jriggity said...

these are so freakin good!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! they are really good movie makers as well as animators!