Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Supercrumbly (can only find their Matrix name) wrote an autorig script.

Olivier Ladeuix did a walk thru tut of how to use it

also someone made an autorig based on Jason Schliefer's animator friendly rigging technique's.

Ladeuix says the abautorigger is all node based, while Schliefer uses set driven keys and expressions which he thinks are slower.
My TD at work agrees that expressions are the slowest, but he says it's old school thinking because computers are so much stronger these days. (though I think Ladeuix has more experience then my TD)


Alonso said...

doh, sorry francis deleted your comment accidentally.

Alonso said...

I haven't tried out Anzovin's SetupMachine but it seems decent, easier to set up to weight also I think. They have some a biped and a dog rigged with it to check out, seemed solid.

What I think is cooler is their auto facial set up. I haven't ever tried it but the demo looks cool, nice to not have to do all the futzing to get a decent face rig.

Did you see that they have started

jriggity said...


jeeez....its all going to be there...


Alonso said...

ha ha, actually riggingmentor was started by the Anzovins (who do the setupmachine) inspired by AnimationMentor and KeithLango's private tutoring, and actually has no connection to animation mentor (I wonder what animation mentor thinks of them :P )