Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creating the Illusion of Life

p. 471

It is the change of shape that shows the character is thinking.
It is the thinking that gives the illusion of life.
It is the life that gives meaning to the expression.

"It's not the eyes, but the glance - not the lips, but the smile..."

might be time for my biennial re-reading


jriggity said...

Dang dood....u2?

ha....I go through all the books over and through the years.

man....we know this stuff ....but having the fresh remider does so much.


Alonso said...

what's interesting is every time I read them I'm at a different stage of growth in my learning, so I understand old things in a new way, or suddenly am able to catch things that went over my head earlier.

probably what keeps it so interesting, there's always a new level to learn