Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more Time in the Day

Ok, so I have 2 small kids at home, so when I get home from work they own my time til they go to bed, then I need to do dishes and clean up the house to try and help my wife stay sane the next day with the kids. That leaves me about an hour to do whatever. But often that whatever is spending time with my wife, or doing grown up chores like pay bills, or get some jogging in. Sometimes I try and be disciplined and do some animation, but it's often really REALLY hard to knuckle down and get right to work at the end of the day, I often "look up one thing" and then realize there isn't enough time left to bother to animate. So reading Cameron Fielding's post again I thought I'd try his trick of getting up and working 5-7am before everyone else is up. Worked great for me this morning, got right to work (at 6, I'm working down ;), no distracting internet (we turn it off at night), no interuptions, it was great. And the only discipline is going to bed early enough, which I have to do anyway to stay cheerful for my family (lack of sleep makes me emo :( ) so I feel like I've discovered an extra 2 hours in the day.

Yeah it's lame to get up early (I get my best sleep in the early mornings, I hate being awake then), but if you want to go big you gotta make sacrifices. Barriers are just there to keep everyone else out while you prove you deserve it.

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