Thursday, July 28, 2011

Animation Scout

Ugur Yetiskin has a series of solid videos on face stuff.

AnimationScout - Blinks from Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin on Vimeo.

AnimationScout - Mouth Corners from Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin on Vimeo.

AnimationScout - Head Direction from Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin on Vimeo.

AnimationScout - Eyelids from Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin on Vimeo.

AnimationScout - Eye Direction from Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin on Vimeo.

the whole looking in certain directions thing I don't think I buy, I think the first time it was an example of 1 subjects directions, and everyone took that up as the definitive, and I'm not sure it was proven anyway. Anyone know some real research. *added July 31 Check out wiki on neuro linguistic programming see where my hesitation on this comes from, so you can decide for yourself.

Kevin Koch still has best work up on blinks I've seen. Ugur's got some decent formula's here, but formula's without back ground information always seem dangerous to me.

eyelids, I think individuals have different neutral positions, which I'm getting from that Facial expressions book, but the stuff on the lower lid I agreed with, (lower lid can only get tightened up to close lid, going down only because bulge of cornea pushes it)

the mouth corner thing seemed solid, especially the arc part

head position seemed good too, wonder where he got the info.

* found on animation


Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin said...

Hi, my all searches depends on certain documentations. These are collections of my researches. I can show or prove every words i wrote but if you arenot sure you should show opposite kind of documentary. For eye direction write eye direction on google search and you can reach real NLP searches also i have youtube videos for that real world wide searches. For blinks formulas depends on Kevin's, Keith Lango's, and some other animation experts and i think their background are enough to write these kind of formulas! If you need documentary for my researches please send me an email to so i can send them to clarify you thoughts. Take care.

Alonso said...

Hey Ugur,

I didn't mean any offense, or to challenge you. I am confident that your knowledge is well researched.

RE: eye direction, I looked up NLP (neuro linguistic programing/psychology) on wiki and the article mentions the same criticism I had, that basically NLP is not accepted by the scientific community because it uses Scientific Jargon to seem impressive, but doesn't have the analytical recreatable research to back it up. So I don't know if I buy into this eye gaze meaning specific kinds of thinking because of that. I just tried to find if Paul Ekman talks about this (because I know they portray him as using it in the show Lie to Me) but I can't find him talking about it (1 article did pop up with this NLP chart, but it was some random article so I don't have faith in the journalists research) so personally I'm still not going to buy into it.

RE: formula's I was just pointing out that a formula used without understanding leads to cliche and boring work. We both pointed to Kevin Koch :) I haven't read Lango's stuff in a long while, but I'm sure I absorbed it at one point.

I think it's great you've made these videos and I think they will help a lot of animators and I thank you for them. And I hope you keep making more. (but I reserve the right to maybe not agree with them :) the debate makes us both better anyway right :)

Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin said...

Hi Alonso thanks for your reply. You are totaly right about, we must debate everything to discover new things and learn from them. I like real life documentaries, scientific searches, how muscles works, ext. We are doing animation and the character should be alive while performing his/her scene. At that point i dont like to animate that in my mind, it must depends on real things in my opinion. So i try to emphasises the interest in that searches but every lesson i wrote i say that you could exegrate poses, try different timing for character moods ext. I also dont like stick to rules but we must know the basic and cliches then we could avoid them ;) Animation Scout will have new suprises for all animators soon. Take care yourself.