Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Untangling Tangled

Untangling the Look of Tangled from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.

shrinking the world makes it friendly intimate and appealing
shrink it by scaling the buildings down to a few stories at max, cut the sightlines down so few long vistas make it cozy and comfortable instead,
curves (especially S curves) add to the appeal gives a composition a sense of flow and grace (inspired by cinderella who had a shape vocabulary of shapes built of curves that gives a consistent feel all the way through, and feels like a storybook)
european architecture inspired, quirky details, unexpected variety/color, feeling that you might find a secret door at any point
pinnochio for building scales, all kind of chubby not to tall, wrap around character
for economy made x number of buildings and made them different from side to side, so that could make it feel like a lot of buildings easily
running through the forest you see very little of the individual trees (unless the characters specifically interact with them) so the forest becomes pretty abstract and atmospheric
round out and plump up the shapes of the tower set to harken back to the cozy appeal of old disney movies

light to express character, rapunzel spends a lot of time in warm glowing sun

If it moves through space convincingly that's enough (John Kahrs thought that for years) But Glen brought to the group
the way the character is feeling inside in their heart, it controls their core. It's okay to twist and change that body mass/body core based on how they're feeling.

looking to get a sense of fleshy mass in the face (through good blendshapes I'm guessing)

the whole crew did practice on simple things on the characters (walk test, simple turn around, simple sit) to practice believability, weight, physicality of how humans move (as a baseline to create sense of disbelief, acting on top)

did a lot of focus on the characters animated breathing

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