Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Un Monstre a Paris music vid

I know the setting is a theater, but I wish I could see a whole film with such daring use of color & light and symbolic (as opposed to real) backgrounds. Course to do that I think the characters would have to be more graphical also, which would also be good. (though the pink is a tad too candy, but better to go too far then not far enough)

(pretty fun song too, I wish there was an easier way for me to delve through the non english music scene)

The animation is 3d and the backgrounds are matte painted/camera mapped

from the upcoming flick Un Monstre A Paris from Europa Corp

* found by Olivier, he has links to the blogs of some of the folks working on it also


Anonymous said...

The music clip was great! I loved their grace, particularly arms and surprising grace in the male character. I love how they've got Vanessa Paradis'teeth in the design of the female character. The multi-lights are pretty gorgeous!

Mireille said...

I'm so excited for this film. Kind of neat: If you watch closely as the characters in the clips speak and sing, you'll notices that their mouths don't link up to the words. The French version (though coming out first) is a dub. The animation was made to mesh with the English version.

If you're interested in delving into French pop music, Matthieu Chedid, the man who wrote "La seine" (and who voices the Monster) is a great place to start. I'd suggest his songs "Qui de nous deux" and "Je dis aime" to non-French speakers.

Alonso said...

thanks for the tip on the music. It's really common for films to made in english & then dubbed into their original language isn't it? Seems a shame.